Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Way to Roll: The Long Walk Home

 This is the day I have that appointment this morning  that will facilitate a big change in my life.

 Unfortunately last night,I got a call that my ride will not be able to carry me. Stuff happens; it was unavoidable. It was too late to make other arrangements so now I am face with a dilemma how I will do this.

Well this is how; I'm going to walk to the appointment.

Fortunately, it is about 2.5 miles away from my home.  I have been able to walk up to 2 miles on my current walks,that being round trip but never 2.5 miles 1 way!

But I am so determined to keep that appointment I will not let anything deter me from keep that appointment!  Fortunately for me it will be a gorgeous day and its a scenic route. I'm off to have a power breakfast; on will come the earphones,stretch a bit, carry my water and off I will go!

The good thing is I will have probably a couple of hours rest time before making the return trip home.  I am going to find out today what I am made of, of what my body will do for me.

But when you are focused, one will find that way out of no way!

The end result will be worth it for me; I want that loft with the windows.  I want the 50% reduction in my living expenses, I want those windows  :=) .

I want to be DONE.

One day in the not to distance future when I am on a stage somewhere as a keynote speaker, I will speak of this day and many others of how after the rug was pulled from underneath you that I/you found a way to do the do as James Brown used to say.  It is not unique to me, we have a history a very rich history current and distant past of ones who paved a way.  I am not doing anything more then many of our "ane-sisters" and brothers have done before.

Its a long walk home, but it is going to be done

So folks who when they sprout off about "THEY" as in "THEY don't want to work"; "THEY just want to live off the system" "all THEY have to do is.." "THEY should just need to lose weight" "THEY are too lazy"...  

I am here to tell you 'taint so.

So if you see this 60 year old woman on a cane with earphones, sneakers with that fierce determination on her face getting to her destination...

That will be me.

Don't find fault, pity or think what you don't know.  

You are welcomed to join her...

Simply cheer her own her way and say

"Way to Roll"!

'cause I got it like that!

"Dead Last Finish is greater than Did Not Finish which greatly trumps Did Not Start." ~Unknown

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