Saturday, February 5, 2011

For Real... For True

Among folks I know,when someone is in agreement with you they may sometimes say "for real"? or "for true"? looking for confirmation that  what you say is for real or for true.

 I strive toward being as for real as real can be; to be as genuine as I know how to be & what I don't know, I learn.  One day I have learn these 60 years is that there is more to learn & that while I often learning the lesson, sometime the "get it"  may lag.  Or if I got the point, I may not necessarily agree with it thus search for ways to make it  "mo betta'". 

And many times the old way is not bad, I'm just grown on or steered somewhere else & the old paradigm just is not getting it for (me) for the moment. 

One of the reaching for me is like many of you a healthier life, a more prosperous one (not necessarily money, although that wouldn't be half bad), not weighed down literally & figuratively. That shifting cause movement in other areas at sometimes totally unexpected... How one chooses to work with it, well, can become work.  

But the work can be joyous, at times troubling, at times it could be "what in the Sam Hill am I doing"?  Work isn't always a burden, it can take effort, monumental effort and other times flow as smooth as silk, as fine as wine.

"Hi!Bisque-cus"~Photography by JHM08©

What I can say, in the meantime as I figure out what's going on (or maybe not), I will anticipate with bated breath & open arms whatever comes on down the road...

Road in Washington State~Photography by JHM

 I have no clue what "it" is, but I sure 'nuf better be ready...

I stumbled upon this poem that I forgot I had written 2 years ago...

To Be Rea
By Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney 09© 

What will be left, if we do not see 
A necessity 
To put our faces real 
In a world who thus far 
Leans away 
With feet of clay 
(all will say) 
Tell tale, varnished lies, 
That we sell ourselves 
We knew all along 
What we’ve been doing is wrong 
And all along 
We know it does not work 
But we continue to reel 
In the stress & strife 
With perverted delight 
And call it life 
Although its all a sham 
Yes m’aam 
Foolishly chasing 
(man oh man) 
A scripted, faux reality 
And we kneel 
To something that is not real 
All the time resisting 
The Source of all life 
We can carry on … do less 
Or give rise to our best 
To be real 
For it is the deal 
All right reserved JHM12-13-09©

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