Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Moon over TV

Here I am Send Me JHM© 94 one of the quilts the stories will be based on.

Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney will appear on Comcast Channel 23 ~DiversiTV affiliated with Lane Community College's African-American Perspective Segment in Eugene, Oregon.

The segment will focus on newcomers to Lane County giving a perspective of the community as a newcomer & will feature some of her art.

Also Ms. Mooney's mes affaires belle art Tres Dames (Three Women) will be featured at he San Diego Women's Historical Museum as part of the renown storyteller Alyce Smith Cooper on Feb 28th,2009a 2pm. The museum, is located in the historic Golden Hills community at 23rd & University Avenue in San Diego. For futher information call 619 233 7963.

Go to www.whmec.org click on the link at the right "The First Quarter Calendar of Events".

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Kim Major said...

What synchronicity! I was born and raised in San Diego! Also, I used to be a member of the African American Writers & Artists group in San Diego when Alyce Smith-Cooper belonged. She is dynamite as well.

Nice to know of the connection and the quilts shown here on the blog are gorgeous!