Thursday, January 15, 2009

Going to the River

"A pessimist is one who makes difficulties of his opportunities and an optimist is one who makes opportunities of his difficulties"~ Harry S. Truman

I was inspired to write this several months ago as I became one of the casualties of the recession and had to wander in the wilderness so to speak for a few months as I cut deep down to be able to survive. During this period of time a fellow New Orleanian,friend artist,colleague and all around wonderful human being, opened up her home for me in North Carolina. A few days before my departure to my new home in Oregon she took me to a private spot that she said always aided her when she need to be quiet and wail if needed or to sort out her thoughts. She taught me a lot about simply living and wholy living.

There is little chance I will forget what I learned and to watch her gain a peace beyond measure still resonates with me as I reflect back even now.
For her and all my fellow citizens of the Gulf Coast, this is for you.

Going To the River

By Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney ©08

When I am in a way where words refuse to suffice...

Or the tides cannot soothe my ears with a melodic rhythm

And the gentle rustle of the sycamore tree sounds more like Beethoven's Fifth

Or cleansing raindrops feels more like crashing boulders surrounding my soul.

And the 12th of Never seems ever, ever more then one should bear.

Or the blossom that fell echoed so loud that even Nat's own velvet voice failed to quiet...

Relief seems to far away as the Serengeti is for me to stroll over

And the hope that the Middle Passage was a cruel, cruel joke.

That was not absolutely not funny.

I have to seek a place to replenish myself to go on another day.

So for me...

I am going to the river...

To sit & just be.

All rights reservedJHM 4-27-08©

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