Monday, November 22, 2010

Well Hello!

Photograph All rights ReservedJHM©08

Well Hello
(And welcome back)

By Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney © 07

I found you, at last.

For awhile I lost you and did not know where you had gone to.

Somehow I lost me & looked in all the in the wrong place

hat were simply not the in the right spaces...

When in actuality you were not far away. 

Just waiting for me to look up and in the right direction to see you

And knowing that you had not abandoned me was a good thing.

But indeed had I let you down?

I am beside myself to have you back

All the places & times I said I searched for you in them were not bad ...

Just not the right ones because I was heading left for it was the right time.

And it took a ant, a little ant that trigger me to see that you were so near...

So very dear to me.
All rights reservedJHM©07

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