Monday, November 22, 2010

Swingin' Notes: American Jazz Museum to Present...

The Note Illustrated
~ A Swingin’ visual of All Things Music
 Charlie Parker Monument
Photograph of Parker Monument~ JHM All rights reserved©10 

I delighted to announce that The American Jazz Museum has invited me to participate in their February/March 2011exhibition: "The Note Illustrated~ A Swingin' Visual of all Things Music"

Hosted by the Buttonwood Art Space.
According to their website: "We the Buttonwood artSpace – an art & artist display and sale gallery complete with custom framing service!  Located In Kansas City Missouri, atop historic Union Hill, our space is provided to us through the philanthropic dedication of Jon & Wendy McGraw and Buttonwood Financial Group, LLC. Though the tireless efforts of the staff of BFG, and the leadership of a voluntary artSpace board of directors, Buttonwood artSpace has come to symbolize a quality community display space.  We routinely host four to five “First Friday” Opening nights per year, are a member of the Crossroads Art District, and offer the artSpace free of charge as an event space to non profit organizations".

Buttonwood artSpace located on the historic Union Hill area of Kansas City, Mo.

My last tie with the American Jazz Museum was in 2007 when I had a solo show called "If Jazz was a Color?" 

The Sounds of the Men

©98 Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney art

So I am delighted to kick off or re-emerge after my medical "Sabbatical" with the Museum.  If you have never been you should go!  This is the home of Charlie Parker & Count Basie...  Although they like to claim that "while New Orleans is the birthplace of jazz, jazz grew up in Kansas City"..

Well we like to say we sent it up the river to 'em!

See images below of the Museum

 Greg Carrol,Executive Director of the American Jazz Museum perfoming.

If Jazz was a Color?

By Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney 

I f jazz was a color, what color would it be?

as in 'mo better?

Cobalt, azure teal,

Sapphired, indigoed midnight 

If jazz was a'll fire up red hot!

Cinnamon salsa.

Mustard tinged lavender lace.

Improvising multiple patterned hues & blues.


ffortless blacks & whites!

Shading with elegant brocades, smokey velvet


Billie, Sarah, Duke.
Fly a way Bird!

Groove on Wash- ing- ton!

No Kenny G here!

iles awake, 

Miles high!

Miles wide

Colors erupting like a Cannonball!
 If jazz was a color....
The color would be what the eyes see...
Mo betta, yeah

All rights reserved ©97JHM

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