Saturday, November 27, 2010

Revised for a new Year,new Decade New Time

 I originally wrote this 3 years ago when a whole segment of my life was upside down, crawling sideways and going where I did not know.  

I know now.
Windows~JHM photo©07

New Tomorrows
By Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney ©07
Do you need to set eyes on what no longer sighed?
But chose now to prance across the tango waves?
My private audience for the new tomorrows...
Began yesterday.
It first started when the moon blared a not so tender farewell...
To what beckoned it there before the nigh?
The disclosure began before I knew what was happening
Nor could I stop it even if I had known how to
 I did not know how prepared I was for …
New Tomorrows
(At first)…
I grasp although tired
I could not see but I held on anyway
Though I did not know where I was going…
At that moment,
 I tap danced in a first light of new activation
No longer in a blissful ignorance
Or a sedentary agitation
But a luscious filled solitude
That no longer needed to be alone
So were my prayerful thoughts...
I pranced in a roundabout in an air of my delights
Blissfully bothered with what I have the sense to hear.
It did not matter if it seemed foolish to others
Or if I embarrassed anyone who was not invited to this promenade…
All those things…
All those things
All those things
Swollen in my belly that I wore for three long years…
Three long years…
Have been banished to the land of nevermore.
With no passport to return
For a time and a time and a time no more
All rights reservedJHM11-27-10©

Arrival Still photo~Isabel Wilkerson

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