Saturday, July 4, 2015

Up! Up & Away! Lydia's 1st Purle Moon to close July 6th,2015

The Lydia's 1st Purple Moon exhibition will close as of July 6th.  Opening August 1 is "Changed Waters: Thrown Rocks, Building Castles".

I absolutely enjoyed working with the artists in both Phase One and Phase Two of Lydia's 1st Purple Moon.  It is always a challenge not unfamiliar to most artists to get their work out there to be viewed.  The purpose in Rhythm & Hues @ 1501 has been from a standpoint of caring. To give both new, emerging and yes even established, seasoned working artists an opportunity a window a moment to express themselves.

I was not expecting when I proposed to HRI Properties back in Nov 2014 to set up some art for a few weeks while waiting their new tenants Dunkin' Donuts to come in to open up that 8 months later we would still be here!  Many thanks you are issue routinely to both companies as we happily accomodate.  It has been a win-win for all parties.

We operate with zero operational money outside of my ability and skill to find a way out of no way!  No I do not get paid for this, I am purely volunteering.  There have been moments when I had planned to close down because as with anything there will always be detractors; ones who play armchair quarterbacks or resent the fact you put it all out there.

My intentions were for my fellow senior neighbors to have something lovely to look at as they came off the elevators and for the pedastrian traffic as well as the tourist riding our streetcars when they see this historic building and its seasoned tenants they have a sight to behold!

I plan to do as such with the upcoming "Changed Waters:Thrown Rocks, Building Castles" opening August 1-Sept 7th.

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