Tuesday, July 14, 2015

No Woman No Cry (Any Longer): You are Building a Castle. Michele Lambert & Changed Waters

"If someone throws rocks at you, you can do one of two things: you can pick up & throw back or you can build a castle" ~ Terence Howard.

"I Cry for My City"~Michele Lambert, artist

Rhythm & Hues @1501 is delighted to learn that one of our artists, Michele Lambert, will be interviewed by Sally Ann Roberts anchor at WWL-TV New Orleans. Michele was featured in the aftermath 10 years ago as acknowledge as one of their "Quiet Heros" for her deeply moving works that aptly show the pure raw emotions that many felt in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina & Rita.

You must see this very touching video from 2005...

Michele-Cry-100406.wmv: http://youtu.be/D_kFrho5C6g

Michele's prolific piece "I Cry for My City" created shortly after the storm is still profoundly affecting many today.  The Michele also has prints of this imagery in the art space.  Her pesistant goal is to sell the original so in part to donate to charity.  As part of that team, Rhythm & Hues @ 1501 will make the prints available.  or you can go to her website at www.michelelambertartist.com.

This follow up interview and will also showcase the art space "Changed Waters: Thrown Rocks, Building Castles" that Michele Lambert & 25 other artists... ranging from 13-70. And so no doubt the gallery is please that the taping will be at the gallery & in part, showing the art of the other artists that are in varied ways thir deeply held feelings of their beloved home before during and after the storms. 

Michele's Artist Statement (in part)

“I believe if you paint it well enough the subject doesn’t matter. My body of work is a collection of what moves me. I paint because I am driven to say something. It’s about expressing emotions and passion. It’s so much bigger than me. I listen to my inner voice, push past the fear of judgment and appreciate the results.My artwork is like me, it is very simple and direct. You don’t have to question what you are looking at. I am a purist by nature. I don’t use props, projectors or mixed media. I work only with acrylic and water. I don’t follow any rules, I don’t measure, I don’t have a plan. I have a natural ability to put things into perspective. I visualize it and I paint it.

We are listed with the City of New Orleans: 


You can see the art featured in the footage at 1501 Canal from July 20-Sept 6th. All the artists have created profound, poignant, soulful renditions for this exhibition.

Written on my former house post Katrina.

Rhythm & Hues @ 1501
1501 Canal Street
NOLa 70112

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