Tuesday, August 19, 2014

So she Stayed...

 I wrote this in part after reading a mighty good man's words celebrating his wive's devotion to care for him as he mightily endures a long, chronic, debilitating illness.  His hearfelt, deep and abiding love for her was/is palpable.



She Stayed..
By Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney©14
She stayed...
She could've walked away like so many others
But she stayed.
She saw, was drawn to this man
In all his humanity
And decided to stay.
What can one say to this?
That may it be?
If that time would come...
Let it be
That I would walk the River Jordan
To do what needs to be done.
May I imitate the exemplarary
The extraordinary
Of the one that stayed...
And stayed...
And stayed...
And stayed some more.
And in that process
Paid whatever price was necessary
for that man in all his humanity.
Who could have that kind ofheart?
Or the patience...
Or the resiliences
Or that kind of love?
a fierce, mighty, mighty love
Amazing superlative love
These can be the ones
Or are the ones...
Who are the sum of it all...
As it should be
could be
Or ought to be...
Tht most of us fall mighty might short of...
while we roam vainly in the world
Of me,myself & I...
Her staying, may all the others who stayed be more and more...
Until that number is infinite
Until there is no more need
Like the one who stayed.

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