Friday, August 15, 2014

Vieux ta' Geauxx

Moon Vieux
(A Peekaboo Dance)
By Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney©14

 The moon dances
A peekaboo
With the clouds
That lunar dame
Enshrouds her light
At some times
Ones are not allow to dim
Or to steal whatever is to be
Keeping them in suspense
Of her magnificence
Having no affectations or pretense.
Cradled in a crescent
Where east is north
Or a west bank that's really north.
That moon dance divinely shaped by tender hands of
the Divine...
Reflecting His Power
His Glory...
Lighting up for those
Who maybe lost who must...
Find The Way...
No need to shout
Just suspend & wait.
While from time to time
Dancing a peekaboo with the clouds
That enshrouds her light
At time to protect & preserve
That magnificence.
And then...
The light flashes
Trumpeting her emergence
From the rain clouds
That showers the earth
With her tears
While she does that peekaboo dance
Beyond the clouds.

All rights reservedJHM©8-10-50

August 10,2014 Super Moon photography by artist Cheree Teachout
Photo by Cheree

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