Friday, July 23, 2010


Photography JHM©10

Several days ago,I wrote this on a day when I was filled literally & figuratively of pretense & a level of selfishness, tackiness & yes even crudity that we are seeing a huge surge of in this country.

And as a disclaimer, No, I am not saying everyone or everyplace, so if the shoe does not fit, you do not have to wear it or make it applicable to yourself. If is only my observation on a day I was too filled...

With so many people having mad crazy distressful times, in my opinion, I see a level that borders on the absurd how people's "me-ism", the selfishness many are displaying, not even being honest with one's self let alone anything else.

Whether we like it or not, whether we can find justification or not to placate to ease our discomfort, we are indeed our brother (and our sisters) keepers good bad or indifferent. We are only as strong as our weakest link & even that weakest link has intelligence, capablilities, strength, fortitude.

What the link needs is a break.


By JHM ©10

My ears are as raw & full as they will be
So I cannot hear any longer
All the platitudes
About the sun coming out tomorrow
When I am standing in a torrential downpour today...
Those platitudes from flaccid lips
Are attitudes that does not practice what it preaches...
Words that are as vacant as the foreclosed homes
Whose disposed occupants are forced to look elsewhere...
Like the absentee jobs for those over over 50
Or black (among others)...

My ears
are raw & filled ...
There is no more room to hear any longer
When you whisper the words
"The sun will come out tomorrow"
as I stand drenched in the rain today...
Needing an umbrella or the ability to come out of the rain.
Say what you will
DO what you may
But my ears are too full & raw
To hear any longer...
What you have to say.

All rights reserved©7-20-10

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