Sunday, July 26, 2009

Give Us this Day: There lies the time and space in which we live

My special and favorite time is Sunday morning. My usual ritual consisted of upon my arousal I would around 6am spend time nurturing my garden watering, feeding, weeding, plucking away dead leaves, feeling the coolness of the refreshed morning air simply enjoying the sounds lost in my thoughts.. I would then watch CBS Sunday Morning, have my breakfast, read my newspaper, listen to reruns of Girlfriends and write. Many time just a whisper of a unconsciously smiling It may not be unique for some but for me I find it interesting as once upon a time when I was till in my 20’s I dreaded, resented Sundays.

James Baldwin once said: “Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced”. It took awhile & some maturing to get why I felt that way, but lets just say I do not feel that way any longer.

I am not, no matter what people may think, a political person. I am however an observer of life and human behavior in all its vastness, its simplicity and its tendency to make things far more complex then needed. . People never cease to amaze me in the things they do with capability to rise so high and then slam bam falling face first into concrete And then adding insult to injury get up and walk away as if nothing has happened trailing bits & pieces of their pride, humility, embarrassment likes so many colorful pieces of chastened confetti behind them making such a mess!

For me watching life & dynamics but staying a respectful distance sometimes shows me at the end of the day that some of the needless-ness has about as much worth as a Confederate bill in the recession. Knowing that preserving the air & energy it takes to expended is as needed as it keeps me from running screaming into the woods if one gets too caught up!

But just like my youthful intense dislike for Sunday that is long gone & reconciled when people rightly or aptly has intense response to something may be a tickling or an agitation of a long repressed or on the surface forgotten memory. And the passion that it arises is a wondrous sight to behold. That memory does not have to be a bad or painful one, though it can be, but it is amazing to see its resurfacing in ways that can indeed bring about discussion, action and ultimately change (hopefully)

I still hold to the belief when all has been said & done, people want to do the right thing, may go about it in screwy ways at times, but want to do the right thing.

Yet there are times when believing that is stretch uncomfortably.

I do feel that good hearted people still outweighs the others, but the "circle" people gets more air time. My lesson from these folks is "this is what you do not want to be & if there's a hint of it in you, eradicate it quickly”.

I am a flawed person 'tis true :=) I do not have the answers or solutions, merely an observer who still believes in miracles... And imagine I thought all of this as I sat in Autumn’s Secret Garden on this given day…
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Monday, July 20, 2009

Taking Reaction To an Action! Way to go Tyler Perry

Please read his comments to the end. It is not a story on Michael Jackson. It is how one man, Mr Perry instead of simply venting did something. May we all find a way to take passion and power to do something righteous and good. I give him great respect in using his mean to do something right for those who may not have the means.

I would love to meet this man and create some art for him. Way to go!


This made me so angry.

Since Michael Jackson died I have not watched the news. I have just been so disgusted at how the mainstream media has riddled this family with disrespect, and no matter what anyone, you or I included, might have thought of him, the truth of the matter is this - the man was still a human being and his kids and family deserve some privacy and space. And I know that I'm not the only one that feels this way, so I purposely kept the TV off.

Anyway, I was walking through the house, and I don't know how this TV was on, but I saw a little boy on the news crying his eyes out.So I turned it up. Here is this kid talking about being kicked out of theValley Swim Club outside Philadelphia because he was black.

Did you hear me? I said, "No way, this can't be! It's 2009. I don't believe this!" But,I know it happens even in this year of Obama.

As I listened to the story the anchorperson went on to talk about a woman named Althea Wright. This young lady started a non-profit called CreativeSteps to help inner-city children. And apparently she had booked the Valley Swim Club's pool and paid for it to be used by the children throughthe summer. As we all know, this is such a great thing. During the summerour kids can get into a lot of trouble if they don't have somethingcreative to do.

Anyway, as the story went on I was shocked to find out that it wasn't just him but 65 children in all, black and Hispanic kids,that were kicked out of the pool. You should Google this story and read it online for yourself. It's crazy! I went from being mad to being furious.

The news reporter went on to say that the president of the club and itsmembers said, and I quote, "We don't want to change the complexion of ourclub." The president refunded the money of the children and asked them notto come back. WHAT?! I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I said Ihave to do something for these children. I can't let them think that theyare inferior because of the color of their skin.

Then that night I saw the president of the Valley Swim Club on the news again saying that he misspoke and that it was a safety issue and the club wasn't able to accommodate so many children. But the children themselves reportedly said that members were taking their kids out of the pool, and that they were saying things like, "Why are they here?" and "They're black", even insinuating that these kids would steal or maybe hurt their children.

Now get this. A few days later I catch the story again on CNN. This time the club was inviting the kids to come and swim. WHAT?! I'm confused. If you refunded the money because there was not enough room in the pool andit was a safety issue then why are you asking the same 65 kids to comeback?
This is awful, and for anyone that has grown up in the inner-city, youknow that one small act of kindness can change your life. These kids seethe images of President Obama on TV and then they see the drug dealers andthugs on the corner. Which do you think is more their reality?

One act of kindness, one person telling them that they are special, one moment of encouragement can make them move mountains. I know it to be true because Iwas one of them. They don't need to be called names and be told that they are less than, because of the color of their skin or because of where they come from.

I was told that one of these children, a seven year old, asked her mother if she was "to black to be in a pool." How do you answer that? How do you get a seven year old past that?

Again, it broke my heart and I wanted todo something, and I feel like you all would want to do something, too.That's why I'm telling you this. Since you all have put me in the position to be able to do something I feel like by me doing this we are all doing it together.

So what I did was on Aug 1st thru 3rd I'm sending these kidsto Disney World, and then to a Disney water park. I want them to know that for every act of evil that a few people will throw at you, there are millions more who will do something kind for them.

This is all about then kids. So, thank you for letting me do this. Thank you so much.

And do me a favor please. When you see these kids coming through the airport, (I'msure you won't be able to miss them. I imagine they are going to be superexcited) when you see them in the park and in the hotel, let's show them a whole lot of love and respect.

Show them that they are just as good asanyone else. And show them that they can do or be anything they want tobe no matter what any one says!

Tyler Perry

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Success Gems-House Building..

by Jewel Diamond Taylor

"A tired carpenter was ready to retire. He told his employer of his plans to retire and leave the house-building business and live a more leisurely life with his wife and family. The contractor was sorry to see his experienced worker go and asked if he could build just one more house as a personal favor.

The carpenter reluctantly said "yes", but his heart was not in his work. He rushed and used inferior materials.

When the carpenter finished his work the employer came to inspect the house. He handed the front-door key to the carpenter. "This is your house," he said, "my gift to you." The carpenter was shocked! What a shame! If he had only known he was building his own house, he would have done it all so differently.

So it is with us.

We build our lives, a day at a time, often putting less than our best into the building. If we could do it over, we'd do it much differently. But we cannot go back.

You are a carpenter. What are you building?

Each day you hammer a nail, add a room or paint a wall.

"Life is a do-it-yourself project,"

Your attitudes and the choices you make today, build the "house" you live in tomorrow.

Build wisely!

be mediocre in the way you love and serve others.

Love smart with your heart and don't settle for less, mess and stress in your relationships. Build a life of peace, love, harmony, joy, faith, love and excellence.

Be above average in your work performance, the way you dress, speak, pray and play.

Strive for quality instead of seeking short cuts and below average living. Grow wise in your habits, emotions, spending and health choices.

Walk, talk, live and love at your best whether someone sees you or not.

Let your light shine bright in ALL that you do.

Polish up your image and your living space. Don't compromise your character.

Sow cheap, reap cheap.

Sow quality, reap quality.

Do your best whether or not you get credit and recognition.

God sees your sincere efforts and hears your prayers. BUILD righteously and be blessed beyond your wildest dreams."

Monday, July 6, 2009

10-10- 10 rule

The Rule of 10-10-10
By Suzy Welch

By asking herself three easy—and utterly profound—questions, Suzy Welch has managed to solve just about every personal and professional quandary in her life. An amazing, spectacularly snappy guide to decision-making.

See complete story:

No Fairdy!

My son Joshua when he was living as a child used to say "No fairdy" when he thought of soething he thought wasn't right used to declare.

While I've never cared for the author I can indeed be fair in his words in this instant seems to be on the money...However I still say it allows by saying "its the universe" gives ones inflicting harm an easy out & not be accountable for their actions.
Click on the link for the full article:

What do you do when nothing is going your way? Do you ask, "Why me?" or do you look for what your life is trying to tell you? How you choose to respond to the difficult things that happen to you can mean the difference between a life of anger…or joy.Spiritual counselor Gary Zukav says that everything happens for a reason, and that reason is your spiritual growth. Find out what you can do when life takes a turn that just doesn't seem fair.

Get to the Heart of the Problem

What Did You Do to Deserve This?

Feeling that you're a victim may be imprisoning you in your pain.

Shift the Way You See the World

Having a different outlook could take away the pain and change the course of your life.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Take Your Foot Off the Gas for a Minute

Diana Prescott,photographer

Vacation is what you take when you can't take what you've been taking any longer.
- Lion from Wizard of Oz

Awareness through downshifting

Often our first reaction to a stressful situation is to overcompensate and overwork to overcome whatever it is. Sometimes though, the best thing you can do it step away, take a breath, and come back to tackle the problem with a clear head. Replacing important things in your life with work only causes anxiety to build up--not to mention that it takes the joy out of life. Vacation does not have to mean physically leaving your everyday life and jet setting to the beach.
Whatever relaxes you, brings more clarity, or calms your mind during times of stress can certainly be enough to rejuvenate! When logic tells you to quicken your pace and pile on the extra work, yet your heart is reminding you of the meaningful time you are neglecting with family, friends, and yourself, it's time to slow down.

Often letting off on the gas for a period of time can compose and refocus your mind.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Thank You.. You're Welcome;enJoying this Day

Oprah's Pearls~Janitha Richards,artist©99

I was particularly moved a week ago upon receiving a lovely long email from someone I've never met in real life. But we have met because of her talent. About 11 years ago I saw her art in a gallery in New Orleans which had my name all over it and had to have it. What I had not known then was it was her very 1st painting & I unknowingly was her 1st sale!

It was called "Oprah's Pearls" and it still has an honored place in my home. I bought it not knowing 6 years later I was going to create and present a piece of my own art to Ms. Winfrey who I have admired greatly who gave her gifts to the world being a huge advocate for service.

My service it turns out for this artist &mother, daughter & woman was a validation I had not known I had done. What I wanted was the image that was calling my name. My gift & promise to myself when I started my career as a visual artist 17 years ago was that I would share the wealth, no matter how meager my wealth would be.

So I always had what I called my "10%-er rule". Whenever I enjoyed a sale I would allocate a minimum of 10% & buy another artist. I've kept my word even to this day.

Well over a decade later in part because of Face book, this very talented woman found me. My heart was full upon reading her lovely words and how she had looked for me all this time to do one singular thing thanking me for what at the time I thought was the thing to do & doing it

What is telling that there are still people who are conscious, considerate & caring? You never ever know who when you put your hands out there who you have empowered. Most of the time you'll never know then something like this will pop up out of the blue. With her permission I am sharing part of her original message to me:

"Just starting out, I didn’t (and still) have any idea of to portray myself as an artist. I was terrified to show my work. And one day as I was learning my craft, an angel showed up and purchased my first painting. It was called "Oprah's Pearls". That day was one of the happiest and proudest of my life. Then to find out that the person was a great artist herself was just too much. Your support propelled me to pursue my present path as a visual artist and writer and will write my history.
I have sold other pieces since then, and each time I do I want to tell you about it. But the day was always bittersweet, because I never had the opportunity to meet and or thank the person who made me believe in my craft. I think you are that person. I have searched for you for years. Seriously for years, just to tell you thank you and how much that meant to me".
Believing in Miracles,

I share this not for ego massaging, but to illustrate that no matter how small you may think what you do can not ripple out and mean a lot to another. I’ve been on the receiving end many times of somewhat gracious patience, expertise; cheers as I meandered along do what I am purposed to do.

Sometime, one may never know as it was for me initially that something you said or did or your humor, your tenderness, your sharing may reach someone in bigger ways then you may imagine. You do not have to be lettered, possess an earth defying skill or jump the highest or throw the furthest or have Oprah Winfrey/ Bill Gates money to be of service or the catalyst for another human being.

Something Dr. Maya Angelou said to me in the lobby of a hotel as I was escorting her to her car after speaking at the African American Women on tour stayed with me for 15 years. In part her comment was in regards to commercial success& creative success was “People think that money & recognition walks hand in hand. Do what you do well. Recognition will come…and then the money will follow”. It was one of many pearls of wisdom I gleaned from that amazing woman.

I’ve carried many just like with this woman, who in small & large ways wave the wind to carry me on gently nudging me to face the sun when I wondered if I should. I’ve done a’ight for a woman who had one semester of sewing in 1964, flunked it & was considered “too sensitive”, too much of a dreamer & was a joke to many, then and now.

Never ever is surprise if by chance long after the money or the memory fades, the gift of your caring, sharing infuse someone lifting them up & they come a’calling. Such an audacious gift, to be enJOYed, that will continue to glow forever and ever,amen.

Be mindful of saying thank you or you’re welcomed

And I thank you…

And you are indeed welcome, Sister artist Janitha Richards of New Orleans.

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