Monday, August 11, 2008

Well Done

Traci Jo Painting All Rights reserved©08 JHM

On this spring day I flew

Fresh to wander ocean sand

River ribbons, beautiful blue

Flowing softly through the land

And the moon said "Well done..."

At seeing while in repose all that could embraced

Shrouded in moon hues’ lace

For the hearts undone and the ones that still need singing

The prisms’ delighted flush kept right on winging

To the heavens where the angels shouted in applause...

For all the beauty of today that indeed had been done.
All rights reservedJHM5-5-08

1 comment:

om said...

Moon the first image here takes up half of my screen the others go outside it. When I take my images I have a choice in what size, say when I drag them to the desktop or format them in an e-mail. That is I guess where you need to look. I took one of my flickr images the wrong size and had to go back to take the medium size, but that applies only to my own images there I think. The patterns are stunning in color and composition, I like them a lot. om