Friday, August 15, 2008


Stargazin' & Moon"-Photograph taken at Cameron Gardens Washington State All rights reservedJHM08©

There is a place where we can dwell…
My living room in which my heart speaks tells.
Of coloring books, dolls & memories that tells of family’s hopes and dreams.
Of times yore and the ones yet to be…

Oh say can you see?
In my little corner of the things that belongs to me
My mama and my poppa and coloring books to lead...
Into the sacred dwelling places of my heart I have yet to deed.

The living room where we actually dwell
And share the things that makes all our hearts swell…
To each other and later to the world while we run pell mell
It’s me, my sister and my friend Jell.
All rights reservedJHM 1-10-06©

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