Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ocean To The Sky ©08

Sand Beard Dunes, Michigan

While lying here this eve…

My innards are just a’grinnin’

Scripting gratitude notes in the clouds to all who gifted me with their attendance

Sending me off to where the ocean runs into the sky

I am blissfully in high spirits right now

As I have added to my sentimental journey

Drawing together yet another linkage

To a textured life as mine have been

That of having come together with you,...

No matter how brief a measure it was .

This time is right for me to be right…

In going to what is new without doing away with what is not getting any younger.

And that is time

And it is time

From an unadorned whisper to the Creator

Brought you forth to me today to spend some time..

He who answer a prayer that had not been uttered...

For which I forever more would be grateful

So that my departure would be as pleasant as the arrival have been.

I carry you all forth with me sitting in the company of many...

That it’s been my privilege to know ...

As I embark to where the ocean runs into the sky.
All rights reservedJHM7-13-08©

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