Saturday, July 5, 2008

Courage speech by the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz

Actor Bert Lahr as the Cowardly Lion:

Courage. What makes a King out of a slave? Courage.

What makes the flag on the mast to wave? Courage.

What makes the elephant charge his tusk in the misty mist or the dusky dusk?

What makes the muskrat guard his musk? Courage.

What makes the Sphinx the 7th Wonder? Courage.

What makes the dawn come up like THUNDER?! Courage.

What makes the Hottentot so hot?

What puts the "ape" in ape-ricot?

Whatta they got that I ain't got?

Dorothy & Friends: Courage!
Cowardly Lion: You can say that again.


Anonymous said...

I would encourage you to look up the meaning of "hottenhot." I just discovered that the history of the word is rooted in blatant racism--white settlers called Quena women in South Africa "hottentots" because that was how they thought the clicks in their language sounded. Pretty insane, huh? I never knew this and used to love the lion's speech.

Anonymous said...

Think too hard about anything and you'll find some definition of it that will offend you.