Wednesday, January 7, 2015

There will Be (no More) Shadows to Stand in...Standing in the Shadows open March 6,2015

Well we are coming around the closing our our workshops at Ashe Cultural Art CenterShadows no More last day will be January 27th,2015.  I'll then have the fun and the honor to document the quilts and prepare to mount the show on March 2nd.
The opening reception is on Friday March 6th.  We wil have included at the reception the spoken word artist Dale Duvernay, the sooth jazz stylings of Nomad Theory among others for the reception.
Part of Standing in the Shadows (no more) was the foundation for not only these women but others to examine in a creative way a desire not to be swallowed up by shadows, either ones of their own makings but also dynamics others try to force them into.  Quilting, a millineum old tradition dating back to ancient Africa & China is being used as that jump off point. For many, this was a safe, soothing yet forceful way to articulate sometime what could barely be thought of let along being spoken of.
Shadows don't always have to be somethng formidable... sometime it is a quiet yearning, a secret desire to do things a bit differently, to try or embrace smething new or see yourself in a different light. 

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