Monday, June 30, 2014

Under My Fig Tree: Standing in the Shadows (No More)

"You often realize your true courage when you are discouraged, your deepest faith upon your deepest fall & your greatest triumph from your greatest trial"~Cory Booker

I will not let myself down nor the vision.  There will be a continuation, a plugging in until there is no breath, no shred of energy, no place else to turn.

And then I will make it happen.

Rhythm Cadence to the Left JHM14
 Rhythm Cadence2 the Right JHM14
 "Come on Down"!JHM13

Sometimes you just gotta step out there...

Please read, share or support in whatever way you can.  The smallest gesture can bring about radical change not only for the individual but ripple out in ways unimagined.


"Mes Petit Jolie" (My pretty Littles) JHM14

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