Saturday, April 20, 2013

Distractions-Nat'l Poetry Month


By Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney ©12

There are too many things that can serve as a distraction

That can lead to a disaster.

Some can be innocent but still master...

Some are mundane others are downright insane.

If one is not mindful

Some of these things can suck you in, suck you dry

Taking out all the joy that makes you fly.

And the process making it the main thing…

Instead of the lame thing…

That unearned focus can drain your bounty, even your fame.

Distractions by its very name

As in a lil bit of this

And a lot of that

Can force all your hopes smack down in the drain…

Where all that you are to become actually ends up as sewage

(And there will be no one to blame)


Needlessly hopelessly “I’ve been framed”!

You’re allowing distractions to be the bane of your existence…

No matter how minor or mundane

Can misappropriate center stage & became…

A colossal error of which you can reframe…

Leaving behind that dinner party where nobody came.

Distractions is the twisting of the neck not unlike a crane

Looking downright foolish

And la deed a lame

A waste of precious time & possibly your name

Now wouldn’t that be insane.

All rights reservedJHM3-31-12©revised 4-20-13

The quote below does not mean anyone should walk around paranoid, hyper-vigilant, wary, over suspicious.  We havemore then enough of that in the world today. This quote from this very smart young man is, however, spot on.

Pay attention to this young man, Trent Shelton, you're going to hear many great things from him!

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