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Be Amazing or Amazed...Not so hard...

Be Amazing or Amazed

It is not hard to do if we let it…

By Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney©11

I think we all have at one time or another thought that when it comes to being an amazing person that we have to do something that totally boggles our mind, some superhuman feat with an exceptional "wow" factor involved.

And of course doing that most of us know we may never be called upon to save a baby from a burning building or lifting a car off said baby or finding the cure for AIDS/cancer, homeliness, world hunger, a way to get people to know it is not smart starting school at 8am or getting Congress to stop fighting one another or putting people back to work.

Now it would be lovely if one or all of us can or will find a way for the above.

I would not be mad at you if you did... 

However there are lots of little tiny things we can do each day or at least once a week if we choose to do so. Like:

Eating healthy at least 1 meal a day.

Taking money from buying one more outfit we really don’t need and helping someone buy a school book, pay a utility bill, put gas in their car or bus fare…

Smile at a stranger...

Let someone have the parking space even if we were first.

Clear out our closets/drawers cabinets & garage & give it directly to a family in need without a question, expectation or praise.

Even if it’s on TV not say a negative word about someone else even if we think they deserve it because we know they'll never know we said anything negative...

Better yet cast the thought immediately out of our minds immediately.

Learn & stop acting like reality shows or real

Stop cursing for a day

Not enjoy someone else's' misfortune even if it is someone we do not care for.

Get joy from our accomplishments, not from demeaning another’s.

Don’t put your feet on the back of the chairs in the movies even if someone is not sitting there.

Walk away from the entrance of a store if you’re smoking so others do not have to inhale your exhale.

Really stop texting while driving, putting on makeup, eating change clothes while driving.

Or you don’t have to drop it like it’s hot or sell your body or soul for approval.

A setback can lead us to a better place—if we just let it.~Unknown

And don’t think you may not have days when you have a setback. It is a chance to dig even deeper into yourself if you’re up to it. We are indeed flawed people, so screw ups are inevitable.

Recently, in fact just a few days ago I came to learn my nemesis; a woman who has seemingly gone out of her way for over 17 years of giving me grief seemed to be in distress.

Understand I've only stepped in her home one time in 17 years; she's been in mind once & was forced to come. Never did her anything, ever except grief. Many of her jabs were unkind, some were more benign; in one case she unknowingly could have cost me my life. I'm not exaggerating.

Too long to go into; just take my word at it.

But when I hear she was having some serious health issues and then running into her the very next day & for the 1st time she actually paid me a compliment as well as being kind to 2 other people she has disliked longer then I, something told me something was wrong. It appeared almost like she was trying to right real or imagines wrongs.

I could not sleep thinking of her and the next day took it upon myself to call.

There was no way to say it but to say it giving her the option if she did not want to talk about it with me because of our past history, I simply told her she had been on my mind noticed the rapid weight loss and the suffering on her face a few days prior, I simply offered my help such as it was if she ever needed it.

She spoke of in fits & starts, some of the health challenges she's been dealing with but it was clear the way she was talking that she was unsure of going into more considering the fact we had never been the best of acquaintances let along friends albeit that the distance was one-sided.

But I just let her know I cared & I thought of her, right at the close right before I hung up, she thanked me for calling. It was not the words but the tone that let me know she did indeed appreciate my calling.

No I was not Mother Theresa, I knew & had known for almost 2 decades the level of nastiness, cattiness & sometimes downright cruel things she (who had no clue I knew) had done as she often would stir others to do much of her dirty work, there was no reason for any of it.

It came down to a matter of envy, sadly.

I had learned of her horrific childhood that no doubt shattered her heart & that of her siblings. So though she projected it on me, it had never been about me.

However, I would be lying to say there were days when I wanted to rip her lips off because of the actions (I didn't). I kept my distance as much as humanely possible, sometime it was unavoidable but most time I was successful in keeping our contact at a minimum.

I think in some ways I was more disappointed in the ones who were all too eager to be her accomplices or others who had no backbone to stand up to her so it was more of go along to get along as some we mutually knew were more afraid for her to turn her wrath on them, they passively went along with her although not necessarily agreeing with her.

But I had reached a point in my life that this saying rang clear & true:

I suspect she is far more ill then she is letting on to me & maybe she in the midst of trying to make amends as she has actual said more then one kind words to me lately. Her pride may never allow her to say I'm sorry.

That's ok as I really don't need it.

I am more pleased with myself that I've reached a point in my life not to have regrets, to know I've not retaliated against her although many a day I stood strong & held my ground when needed. Otherwise we would not have this little window, a room where she could open a door & step in to do the right thing.

So I'm relieved.

So while I probably won't save a baby from a burning building, or lift a car off said baby or find the cure for AIDS/cancer/world hunger/homelessness, a way to get people to know it is not smart starting school at 8am or getting Congress to stop fighting one another or putting people back to work.

Maybe just maybe, I've help a person to be able to have her heart a little lighter knowing that I would be there if she needed me to be.

That's amazing.

Now if we can only get Congress to do the right thing.

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